First release of playable prototype 2017-04-15

In this post I am going to summarize the changes since the last update almost two weeks ago.

Let’s start with a screenshot which gives an overview of how the prototype looks like at the moment and also shows the changes described in detail below:

Growing your Forces

Armies are now composed of discrete units, which inherit various properties like battle strength and building cost from a set of static unit types.
When you have selected an army, you can build new units using the button under “Build Units”.
In the future, unit types will have more diverse properties, for example movement cost, to enable a greater diversity in strategies for playing the game.


The battle mechanics have been extended by a luck factor, randomly chosen within a limited range. This luck factor is applied to your armies battle strength before computing losses. For each battle, you will see your luck displayed in the battle report.

Larger Game World

The size of the game world has been increased. Some of the NPC armies might not be visible at first because of the limited size of the map viewport. You can click on the arrows at the maps edges to move the viewport to see all parts of the world.

First Release

This version marks an important milestone as it is the first released for everyone to play with.
You can find the version described in this post at