Gridwars Development Log - 2017 May - Refining the Prototype

This is a summary of the progress on Gridwars Development since the last update in April.
These changes are all about refining the singleplayer prototype, mostly based on your feedback.
The version described here can be played at

Unit Types

As discussed in April, different unit types have been introduced to enable more strategic options.
Choosing a suitable mix of forces for the situation at hand is expected to be an essential element of the game and unit types will further diversify in the future.
Currently, each unit type has three numeric properties:

  • Building cost
  • Movement cost
  • Battle strength

When building units in the army details view, you can now choose the type to build first.
This is also the place to view the stats of the different available unit types.

Splitting and Merging Armies

As suggested by Harald and Damios, armies can now be split and merged.
The merging function is available in the armies view whenever you have selected multiple armies which share the same location.
When you have selected a single army, you can split it into two armies using the army details view. Before confirming the split, you can choose the distribution of supplies as well as each unit type independently.

The screenshot below shows the UI for the unit building and army splitting features:
Army details showing building and splitting features


As suggested by Harald, a scoreboard has been added to give an overview of your achievements.
At the moment it displays the following metrics:

  • Current unit count
  • Current supplies
  • Total units defeated
  • Total supplies looted

UI Improvements

As suggested by Damios, armies can now be selected via double click on the map.
Other UI improvements in this release:

  • More appropriate standing label for own armies.
  • Display of locations of selected armies.