New Release of DRTS Web Port - Play with Bots

Following the plan from last week, I expanded the web port of the DRTS game.

You can play this new version at

In the upper right corner of the screen, you will now find a button to access the main navigation, and from there, you can start new games.
Besides the tutorial, you can also play on a larger map with a bot.
To make this a bit more of a challenge, I spent a few hours on building a basic behavior for the bot.
It will spread out, conquer more and more area on the map and eventually overrun you if you don’t act.

I also started implementation of the map generator, which is used to generate random maps, and the new map you see is coming from this generator.
A good part of the map generation functions are already implemented, but it needs some more work, most importantly to enable symmetrical maps.
Symmetrical maps will come with a future release, as well as a user interface to customize the map generation process.

The screenshot below shows a game with the new bot and map.