Supplies, Looting and Map UI Improvements

This post summarizes the most important changes implemented last week.


Each army now has a numeric property modeling its current amount of supplies. These supplies are being consumed for example by moving around. (When planning a trip for your army, the cost in supplies is now displayed alongside the duration.)
Soon there will be a feature to increase an armies strength in battle, this will be another sink for supplies.


With these ways of spending supplies, there also needs a way to obtain them in the first place.
To enable you to replenish your armies supplies, looting has been added to the battle mechanics: Victorious armies take the supplies from armies they defeated.

Map UI

Numbers have been added to the edges of the map view to show the coordinates (components) of the tiles currently displayed on the map These numbers are highlighted for the current selected tile as well as the tile under the mouse pointer to ensure good readability is maintained when the map view grows larger.

All these changes are visible in the screenshot below: